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Parks and open spaces make up a vast proportion of Beaulieu, giving residents a wealth of choice when it comes to outdoor activities. Wildlife and biodiversity are also encouraged to flourish in various habitats, while landscaped gardens offer variety to the eye. 

Playing a crucial role in bringing the new community together, the parks and open spaces at Beaulieu will connect the new neighbourhoods and provide access to the wider landscapes. From walking to gardening, trim trails to equipped play areas, these thoughtfully designed open spaces will enhance lives and help to improve health and well-being.

Managing for the Future

As Beaulieu evolves over the years and its parks and open spaces will grow with it. Ownership of the majority of public open spaces created will be transferred to an independent trust which will manage, develop and preserve them indefinitely. This body will be charged with maintaining Beaulieu’s reputation as a premium location, while it will improve the quality of the natural environment for residents.

A commitment has been made to preserve and enhance the valuable historical and natural assets which give Beaulieu its unique character.

"Landscaping plays a huge part in the overall vision for Beaulieu"